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tomislavvrbanec.comTomislav Vrbanec is a well-known Croatian perfumer who, with his fragrant creations, pushes the boundaries in the perfume industry. So far, he has collaborated with many famous public figures from the region, but also Europe. His perfume recipes can be found not only in perfumes but also in all types of toiletries and cosmetics around the world.

He shows the top skills, talents, and creativity he possesses as a perfumer outside the perfume industry.

He is not afraid to experiment, which is why his perfume creations are a necessary refreshment. Like many artists, the interests and experiences he possesses benefit with the goal of advancing his work.

Check out  his personal blog page at https://tomislavvrbanec.com/

He has his Facebook and Instagram page 

But there is also a Youtube channel in the making. 

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