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eben ezer redesign.hrSmall company that does furniture redesign, they turn old stuff in to new stuff.  Their old furniture is made of quality, solid wood and as such is suitable for restoration and redesign. You can also give them your furniture so they can restore it to their glory days.  They also do  Personalized decorations check them out.


Check out their new website.




A small company that specializes in birthdays events, parties, baby showers, and more. They have more than 500 meters square of outdoor and indoor space, equipped with loads of toys, themed space, an indoor football field for kids, and more.

Check out their new website.

tomislavvrbanec.comTomislav Vrbanec is a well-known Croatian perfumer who, with his fragrant creations, pushes the boundaries in the perfume industry. So far, he has collaborated with many famous public figures from the region, but also Europe. His perfume recipes can be found not only in perfumes but also in all types of toiletries and cosmetics around the world.

He shows the top skills, talents, and creativity he possesses as a perfumer outside the perfume industry.

He is not afraid to experiment, which is why his perfume creations are a necessary refreshment. Like many artists, the interests and experiences he possesses benefit with the goal of advancing his work.

Check out  his personal blog page at https://tomislavvrbanec.com/

He has his Facebook and Instagram page 

But there is also a Youtube channel in the making. 

Darko ZverLocal Political candidate for mayor of Čakovec city, and candidate for Governer of Međimurje County, he runs and lost in first-run but managed to receive enough voices to become president of the city council. Also have three members in Council of Čakovec City. We did a website for him and complete Marketing in social media and the web. There are also posters and billboards. One notable thing is that he financed his campaign on his own and manage to get very fine results in the process. Also worth mentioning that we supported him during his whole campaign because of his program that really does have an impact on his fellow citizens and he continues to advocate his standing for the progress and development of our fine city.

We applaud him in his endeavors and his programs. 

Check out his new website.https://darkozver.hr/

They also check out his ZverOdČoveka Facebook page 
#ZverOdČoveka #FokusNaBitno

Apartman ZibarCroatian city of Skrad is a beautiful countryside. Filled with untouched nature and clean rivers, waterfalls and places to rest. Right in the middle of it is a small rental house that needed a makeover. Friendly and welcoming hosts Biserka and Marko reach out and ask for our help. So we did just that. Besides designing new visual logo with new colors we build brand new responsive website.

Check out  their new webiste. https://apartman-zibar.com

They also have facebook page and instagram page.

fokusfascia.hr Fokus Fascia is a rising star in new and alternatives physio rehabilitation. This holistic approach to the body uses Bowen and Emmet techniques as well as Myofascial techniques to release pain an un comfort. For everyone who understands manual techniques of healing, they also know that this just works.

 Their website https://fokusfascia.hr

nevida.hrOne of 3 villas from same owner on the beautiful island of Krk, we had an opportunity to  visit and stay in this privately fenced villa with private pool and very nice accommodation. We were hired to make presentation website of one of those villas called Neda. Neda is in place called Milčetići and we helped them with setting up a website, facebook and booking.com account. Since then they were more successful in hosting guests and I can say for sure the guests were very happy with the place as their owners with our work. 

Their website https://nevida.hr

lumenproteam.hrLumen Pro Team d.o.o. is a football / soccer training firm that expanded in selling innovative and new props for training. One of them is "boomerang ball" that is basically football / soccer ball that can be used for solo training. We built them a promo website and Facebook page that is focused on selling this props for training purposes and also made them a logo and visual identity.

Their website https://lumenproteam.hr/

uomz.hrthe Association of Craftsmen of the Međimurje County hired us to make small info portal for their members that has significant amount of news and information in their community. They provide consulting, legal stuff and most importantly information about news from law and regulatory changes. Organization that has very long history and does their job perfectly.  

Their website https://uomz.hr

li mat.hrLiMAT is a small company that does metal work, usualy stainless steal products. Products like fences, doorways, handrails. They do fine polishing, precision cutting, welding and machining in general. Guys do know their steel. We created visual identety and made business cards. Also made simple portfolio website for them 

Their website https://li-mat.hr/

fmp.hrFizioCentar Mali Princ is a small company that provides physio rehabilitation for children that have development setbacks or consulting and educating parents of potential problems of child normal development. Professional and highly educated personnel requested website design and hosting solutions. We design website, created visuals and maintain their facebook page as well as general marketing solutions for them. E.T.A on project completion is end of 2021

Their website https://fmp.hr

usm.hrThis Local NGO provides support for children and adults with vision problems. The NGO provides assistance with blind people in form of acquiring tools and equipment for their users and also help with entourage for their users. They handle legal support as well as consulting and education of their users. One of the oldest Local NGO in the area.  E.T.A on project completion is April 2019 we made complete redesign of the web site, provide them with software for reading webpages for visually challenged people, complete IT support in their HQ and all that on volunteer basis. They propound me for Best voloteer of Međimurje county for year 2020 

Their webiste https://usm.hr

studioljepoteinn.hrNice little beauty parlor came to us and requested a webpage, and marketing ideas. We developed and designed webpage, facebook page and provide hosting solutions for them. We learned a lot about beauty products and services which we never used of course, but it was interesting.  We provide casual support until  this day.

Their website https://studioljepoteinn.hr

orlovi.com.hrMy Local motorcycle club which I'm proud member, we host parities, motorcycle games and camping every October on club birthday. We are but small crowd but we like to ride our bikes and enjoy freedom on the road. I made a CMS website presenting Club activities and events. Custom template, especially made for the club. There i also facebook page but the club president is administering it.

Thisr website https://orlovi.hr

obrtnicka-komora-medjimurja.hrLocal government organization that helps craftsmen to start their business, making certificates for government purposes. They also setup master’s exams as well as specifics classes for specifics crafts. They organize conferences and educations and for that purposes we were hired to do information updates portal for their clients. As well as  legal insides for the business owners.

Their website https://obrtnicka-komora-medjimurja.hr


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