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naj volonter 2015 dalibor Klobucaric

Dalibor Klobučarić was a candidate for best volunteer of the year 2015. Međimurje county started this program to motivate people to join the community and be better human beings. His story you can read here. And the news article you can read here.

Intervju dalibor klobucaric simpozijAs a apart of an ongoing partnership with MURID, we had a role as volunteer providing IT support but our involvement was recognized ad they asked us to be partner and fully flagged members of an organizing committee in this Symposium. This was the biggest symposium in Čakovec that year. And we were happy to be part of it. You can download program here and read whole article here. 

slobodni festival 3 2009Linux in office environment - Dalibor Klobučarić (Qmini) – 3.7.2009.
One example of Ubuntu Linux distribution with GNOME interface we will show basic use case of applications on computer. We will draw conclusions and parallel lines with Windows and Linux Office space and usage for normal and advanced user. My first lecture ever on "Slobodni festival 3" conference

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