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Apartman ZibarCroatian Gorski Kotar is really one of the greenest counties in the region. Right in the middle of it is a small rental house in the city Skrad needed a makeover. Friendly and welcoming hosts Biserka and Marko reach out and ask for our help. So we did just that. Design a new visual logo with new colors. We built a brand new responsive design and their website was refreshed completely.

Check out their new webiste. https://apartman-zibar.com

They also have facebook page and instagram page.

boomerang ball vektor vr2 lumen pro teamLumen Pro Team d.o.o. is a football / soccer training firm that we built them a logo and visual identity that is focused on selling this props for training purposes.

Visit their facebook page

Or find out more about them

UOMZthe Association of Craftsmen of the Međimurje County hired us to recreate their logo, so they can use it in posters and flyers. We didi just that, and a bit more.

LiMat logoLiMat business cardLiMAT is a small company that does metal work, usualy stainless steal products. Products like fences, doorways, handrails. They do fine polishing, precision cutting, welding and machining in general. Guys do know their steel. We created visual identety and made business cards. Also made simple portfolio website for them 

logo sth welding final 12.02.2020we made visual identity and logo for this jung company
Visit them on facebook

FizioCentarMaliPrinc business cardFizioCentar Mali Princ is a small company that provides physio rehabilitation for children that have development setbacks or consulting and educating parents of potential problems of child normal development. Professional and highly educated personnel. We design website, created visuals and maintain their facebook page as well as general marketing solutions for them.

nas4 najavaSo, today we announced that we are expecting. After long and hard decision my wife and I decided to have another kid. In that light we needed to make some special announcement tool. Movie poster like announcement to be published on the web seemed like a good idea. This is what we came up with. 

Little update, 27.03.2019 Tesa made his first breath at 13.37 (leet speak in birth time) weighing 3390 grams and 49 centimeters in length.  

We have made graphics design and plaque idea which was accepted by MURID for their preschool facilities. MURID was the founder of and roof foundation that using EU funds started this project. We were happy to help them with their universal logo and helped them with complete visuals for them.

murid zvir logo

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