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Long time ago, back in 2006 on this day I boldly registered domain dd-lab.net. Bought simplest hosting plan and story begun. Time to explore, learn new stuff has officially started.

dd lab.net the beginningHTML coding, DNS problems, root access, .cfg files, man o man it was a wild ride. Today i have one book behind me, collecting all the knowledge I've accumulated over the years. Tutorial like e-book that shows how to setup your own server, how to point domain to your server and finally how to protect your stuff. I've given lots of lectures. My first one had very big impact on me. That is why i continue to do so even today.

Since 2004. i have used Photoshop version 7 for graphics design. Learning it on many different commercial and non commercial projects. Creating funny GIF-s, posters and overall simple editing for web purposes. Now i use only Open Source editing tools. Graphics, video and code editing is souly done on Open Source platform.

When i started to do professional web work I landed on Jommla project. Joomla was back then in version 0.12, still in beta. There was great potential in Joomla. Even though my first web site was based on pure HTML i knew Joomla was the way to go. Now days all of my projects, if not custom programing, they are all pure Joomla based web projects. Simple to setup, lots of options, fast, reliable and secure. This framework is pure Open source that is why I truly love it.

To close this blog post with some "thank you words". Lots of people came in to my life, left a very big portion of their knowledge with me so i continue to return this favor in  "Today you, tomorrow me"  fashion. Please spend 10 minutes of your life watching this video.

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