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Recently I became Microsoft Partner and on top of my volunteer work I want to step up and help local NGO's (Non Governmental Organizations) and NPO's (Non Profit Organizations) with our small participation. So, we started a program that can help organizations with issues that are faced on daily basis. Often computer was donated or just put together so the operates (often volunteers) can fill reports and make daily tasks. Those kinds of software are often not licensed. Then file sharing solutions are often some third party software’s that often have low space solutions, "jerky" work flow, and many times are unreliable.

What can I do for you guys?
Setup web hosting for your website, setup e-mail accounts, and get licenses for your operating system and office suit.

What do you get?
10 x Microsoft Windows 10 license, for 10 PC's
10 x Microsoft Office 365 subscription for 10 users (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Skype)
1 Tb storage space per user
and much more

What will it cost us?
Simply, you get it for free of charge...
No hidden cost. No hidden terms, noir conditions...
Well there is one small thing. I drink coffee or beer while I set up your stuff.
That is it.

Good, what do i need to do?
Just fill out this form, and I will contact you for detailed procedure...

Ok, how long does this take?
Well usually we can get your application approved within 3 weeks, but sometimes a bit less. When we get approved then I set up all of your computers and do a small course on how to use stuff and where to manage.. 

Still feels fishy... Not to worry, you can do it yourself by visiting this link from Microsoft 


Please contact us if you feel that you need more answers, or have some issues understanding this article by visiting this link here..

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We are happy to answer all of your questions. I will do an individual approach to any problem you might have and will solve it in fashionable matter.

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